Education For Success

To all we would like to be successful in the life. Nevertheless, they do not obtain all it. Whereas some people seem to achieve a success after another one, other as soon as they manage to leave ahead. They have ideas, but they execute never them. Goals pay attention, but they obtain never them. They are sleepy, but they reach never them And at some time of his life they succumb before the idea that probably they do not have the conditions that are required to be successful like certain other people. Others do not have many aspirations in the life and they are satisfied and so they have. Simply they perceive the necessity neither the possibility of surpassing themselves and of obtaining the more in the life.

And they never lack those that think that the success has a significant ingredient of luck and that simply did not touch them. Which is then the secret for the success? All can be successful or is a destiny reserved only for a few? What differentiates are between a successful person and the others? First of all, the success is not an accident nor is luck thing. When we often see a successful person we do not know its fights, its failures and the arduous work took that it to the place in which all admires it and they applaud to him. Instead of to feed romantic slight knowledge on its successes, we would have to remember always that person certainly lived moments at which they prioritized " the blood, the sweat and lgrimas" on any monetary repayment or or of another nature. The parabola of the talents In the parabola of the talents (Mateo 25:14 – 30) the history of a gentleman is counted (God) who distributes talents to his servants (the men) and later he goes away far.