Durkheim Children

We follow a little with the subject of religion and the children, and is that sailing by Internet I was with this chilling news: a healer has been stopped in India to torture children putting to them raises the feet. The parents took to their ill children to be healed supposed healer who used torture methods to cure his diseases. Without words. This gives much that to think. According to him a Hindu God gave the powers him, and peculiarly it occurred them in the plant of the feet.

The police does not give credit, I understand and it. Still concerning a mental problem, he is something very serious, but something that I also consider very serious is the parents. They did not find out that it happened, that the lad returned full from moratones and blue by the ahogamiento? Nobody knew what happened? We could return to digress on if this it is religious fanaticism, simply mental religion or upheavals, and if equivocal me you would not square the majority in the third option. You as you would act in front of him? Justice, revenge? mile Durkheim said: If the crimes affect the society, the fault comes from her. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much to offer in this field. It is the rotted society, reaching unsuspected tops already? If you comment, I would like to know your opinions. I am going to leave the 4 photos that were done to him and that have allowed their halting.