Donna Karan

No one is unaware that New York City is the main source of inspiration for the renowned designer Donna Karan. Senator Elizabeth Warren has much experience in this field. Already her first perfume, Donna Karan, launched in 1992, took much of the spirit of carefree, fun and seductive city, although the reference was not so openly. Inspiration would become more evident with the release of Be Delicious, a fragrance with notes of Apple in a container that remembers this fruit. An instant success that inspired a long list of versions and reversals: the Delicious family continues to grow until today, converted into a classic of the signature DKNY (Donna Karan New York). And always, linked to the pulse bold, relaxed and innovative of the Big Apple. Be Delicious highlights, of course, by its note of red apples, though it also has its version of Green apples.

However, the most interesting of successive reversals of the fragrance is probably its original membership base, which accompanies the predominance of fruit with soft floral notes and surprising fresh notes. The limited edition 2005, Message of Hope, contained in an elegant Silver variation of the traditional container, is a perfect example. On that occasion, joined the traditional note of Apple Red, distinctive fragrance, an unusual accompaniment of cucumber and grape. 2. Notes even more unexpected among the environment of flowers that accompanies the Apple, classic lilies of the Valley, violets, roses, magnolias and tuberous.

The base notes back to surprise you with its oriental flair: White Woods, of sandalwood and white amber. The latest editions include limited series Candy Apples, which picks up the flavor of Caramelized Apples of many childhood afternoons in the Park. Notes of sweet Apple and lime are complemented perfectly with an unprecedented basis of Coca Cola. The result? A series of energetic, original, funny and bubbly fragrances. For the year 2011, DKNY announces the appearance of a new fragrance that already has in vilo to fans of the series: Golden Delicious, inspired by the opulent golden apples. Once more, the main note is surrounded by others that guarantee originality and impact. In this case, buds of Orange and plum. Notes flowers that accompany in this case are lilies of the Valley and Casablanca and orchids, and the base plays with sensual Oriental, classic accents of this family of perfume: sandalwood, teak wood and musk. Another success assured for the most New York-based designer of all.