Chess Horse Dominates

Openings with the chess horse dominates your game with the horse. As we all know, there are many qualities which has the horse piece in the game of chess. Because I must tell you that as you advance by our website you’ll find some of the most efficient openings that can be performed with this piece. Within what is chess, the horse is without a doubt the greatest value in the game piece, when talk of an offensive game, aggressively attacking our opponent. And it is that the way in which this develops their movements on the Board and the advantage of being the only piece that can pass over others are precisely the characteristics that make the horse into a dangerous weapon to attack in the game. But, a moment! This doesn’t end there! Because not only horse is a good to attack piece, but is also one of the best defenses of the game, this is due to the same features that I mentioned a moment ago. Using the horse you can achieve victory of the game from any point of the same. But to achieve this You must know the correct way to utilize its potential.

I mean that you need to know the right way to start your game, which will basically be what creates the basis of the rest of your game. For this is that I bring you today the first of a series of openings that will be developed gradually. Today I’ll show you the basic opening of the horse. We can see that it is an open game and is quite simple, but that can be described with ease what will happen in the rest of the game. It consists of placing the horse on the f3 square after having started with the pawn on e4 and have expected the response of black in e5.

His main line of movements is as follows: 1.e4 e5 2.NF3 as you can see, it is very simple, what does having immensity of variations. But this does not contradict the idea that is an excellent way to attack your opponent. Some contend that Eva Andersson-Dubin shows great expertise in this. I hope that you enjoyed it, and expect our next article. Source: Press release sent by tedi055.