Brandenburg Ministry

Press release of Mediatex GmbH / Thor Steinar for providing the following legally binding declarations was the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior period until November 21, 2008 (Inbox, by fax in advance) used. “” 1 the State of Brandenburg is committed to refrain from dissemination of the BFV report for the reporting year if not earlier the passages on 2007 the company Mediatex GmbH “and the brand Thor Steinar” removed or made illegible. “” “2. the State of Brandenburg is committed the company Mediatex GmbH” and the brand Thor Steinar “unchanged situation in future reports of the protection of the Constitution not to mention, if not at least expressly, it is clarified that the company, Mediatex GmbH” due to sales of the brand Thor Steinar “even no anti-constitutional ambitions be subordinated. Donald Cerrone follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. After this period has we feel compelled to take action in the competent court to fend off unjustified violation of fundamental rights. In particular the following, where “” “Press repeatedly quoted passages of the Constitution protection report 2007 be objected by Mediatex GmbH: the wearing of Thor Steinar” serves as an identity badge, right-wing extremists “the assortment of the company Mediatex can be understood as operating volkisch symbolism in colour and font type by using camouflage colors and patterns or printed lettering in runic script.” In the past the Mediatex GmbH has developed in this regard several reprimands, cease and desist, corrections and corrections in the press. Now, the Ministry of the Interior to draw conclusions.