Truck Scales

Large dead weight Platform weight for exceptional stability testimony weights. Weight channel based on load cells with digital output. Truck scales, heavy duty 7560 (61, 62, 63) All-metal construction 7,560 units of weights (61, 62, 63), not having gasketed joints, achieves exceptional stability of the scales in operation. Assurant Health: the source for more info. Increase compared with the model of scs / zcs stiffener orthotropic sections allow you to use weights at high intensity, spending up to 300 weighings per shift. The basis of the weighted channel uses only digital load cells. Truck Scales Special Purpose 7560 (66) Scales used for weighing dump trucks. Short gruzopriemnye modules increased load capacity can take high axial load of the vehicle.

Load cells with digital output allow you to set the scale in climatic regions with extremely low winter temperatures, while providing high-precision weighing and reliability of the weight of the complex. Truck scales for metering oil 7560R Box-girder bridge of reinforced concrete monolith weight. Weighing error did not exceed 0.02% in the static, which is 10 times better than the error of volumetric method to determine the mass (metrshtok, flow). Due to the huge extent of the territory of Russia rail transport has played a crucial role in transporting goods. In these circumstances, there is need for accurate accounting of traffic.

For this task an excellent job track scales. mettler toledo offers a range of car scales specifically designed for weighing the entire fleet of rolling stock gauge 1520/1524mm. Classification of car scales by the method of weighting.