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Source: (2008) Figure 2. Lumbricoides eggs of Ascaris: – Fertile egg (mamilonada external Membrane, average and internal). B infertile Egg (Prolongated, thinner mamilonada membrane and granular cytoplasm). Source: (2010). 2.HBITAT In moderate infections, the adult worms are found in the thin intestine, mainly in jejuno and leo, but, in intense infections, these can occupy all the extension of the thin intestine. Males and females live together.

They can be imprisoned to the mucosa, with aid of the lips or migrarem for the intestinal light (SNOWS, 2005). 2.1.Ciclo Biological the biological cycle of the Ascaris lumbricoides (Figure 3) is of the monoxnico type, that is, they possess an only host. Each fecundada female is capable to place, per day, about 200 a thousand no-embrionados eggs, that arrive together at the environment with excrements. In favorable conditions, as humidity, oxygenation and adjusted temperature, these eggs become embrionados in 15 days. It has multiplication of the germinati-vain cells, forming the first larva (L1). To follow rabditide occurs the evolution for larva (L2), and after that for larva filariide L3 (REY, 2001). The transmission if of the one for the egg ingestion I contend L3 together with water and foods (PITTNER et al., 2007). In the stomach, the rind if breaches and the larva goes for the intestine and migra for ceco.

It penetrates in the intestinal wall, it falls in the circulation, it goes for the liver, heart, and lung. In the pulmonary capillaries it suffers metamorphosis, of L3 for L4. L4 breaches the capillaries and falls in the alveoli, suffering another metamorphosis and if transforming into L5, of 1,5 mm. L5 then the brnquica tree goes up and can together with be eliminated catarro or be engolida and to go for the stomach. Later it goes for the intestine and in the jejuno-leo if it transforms into young adults. With 60 days they reach the sexual maturity, becoming adult.

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