Surely Island

One of the most attractive international tourist destinations for those who love the combination between the sea, the beach and the city full of life and attractions, are the Spanish Islands. PCRM pursues this goal as well. The Balearic Islands offer the perfect mix for lovers of the Sun and marine life, as well as for those looking to stay in a city with all the nightlife and the attractions of the big cities. The Islands have more than 375 different beaches, distributed between the four main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Surely, all visitors will find one that accurately represents their tastes and desires: more or less wild, more or less populated, near civilization or a little more remote areas for a total relaxation. The offer of hotels in the Islands is really important. For several years now, the Balearic Islands have agglutinated much of Spanish tourism. The variety is very interesting, for all budgets. The hospitality industry has been able to take great advantage of the beautiful coastal landscapes and, as a consequence, there is a lot of Hotels in Mallorca with direct views towards the coastline.

A proposal to highlight is that of the island of Lanzarote. It is an island of volcanic origin, which forms part of the Canary Islands, only 846 sq. kilometres. The landscape here is incredible: the small elevations of the center of the island culminate in a soft slope toward beaches dream, an important tourist infrastructure, which turns them into tourist destination throughout the year. The region’s climate is semitropical.

The temperature even on the coldest days does not usually lose 15 C, while in summer it exceeds 30 C. Lanzarote is the ideal setting for those who love water sports like kitesurfing, which is the practice of the surfboard strapped to a parachute, enabling the practitioner raised tens of meters to enjoy the fantastic scenery that this island has to offer. Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands. It is a place with a great diversity of attractions. The historic centre of Ciutadella is a compelling proposal for those who want to learn about historic sites, where will be clearly the footprint that Moorish architecture has left in this magical site. Its cobblestone streets lead to the tourist to travel in time to the 10th century. Hotels in Menorca are almost all on the coast, although it is also possible to stay in the interior of the island, in the area of Mercadal. For those looking for sites with more night tradition, discos and mass meetings in which find people dancing until dawn, Ibiza is the place chosen. Hotels in Ibiza boast an excellent worldwide reputation, who have managed to win after having become one of the points of more tourist affluence in Europe. The island of Ibiza, whose capital is the city of the same name, has little less than 570 square kilometers. Diving is one of the most widely practiced activities, and the coasts of Ibiza are one of the best places that use. Thanks to its incredible biodiversity, expressed in hundreds of varieties of fish, corals and mollusks that can be found in its seabed, Ibiza was declared world heritage in 1999.