Shiny Hair

Because the hair shines? Everything depends on the cuticolas, serious the schemes that form in the surface of singolo hair. If the hair is healthy, the cuticolas estan closed, and long it of the hair he is straight and uniform. That allows him to shine: this produces the effect mirror. But all the cuticulas do not estan closed. Many are the factors that attack and estresan the hair, ruining it: the smoke, the cold, the humid etc. All these factors attack the hair and consume the pellicola of ceramid covers that it and also do that cuticulas forms grudges. This way the hair assumes as much feared ” hair opaco”.

For that reason it is necessary to protect the hair applying products that reaffirm or sostituiscan the natural defenses. Breadfruit goes some useful arguments. To wash to the hair Attention to as they wash the hair. Click Dr. John Mcdougall to learn more. Shampoo is never necessary to use much, that causes that it exhausts the defense of the hair. Shampoo dilue with water, and later applied masajeando the hairy leather DELICATELY, with the fingers. – Not to use shampoo aggressive.

For the election of shampoo universal rules do not exist. They test and they decide what is shampoo adacto to its type of hair, according to the results. – Periodically they apply to masks nutrients: they are as one cures reconstructive for its hair. – Attention to the water of the used tap to wash the hair: if she is very calcareous can return them opaque, depositing in the hairy leather chlorine, calcium and sodium. Like fixing it? There is nececidad no to buy a refornimiento of mineral water to wash the hair, is enough with being the careful to fill a source with the water of the tap before washing the hair and using this water to rinse. If the water of the tap leaves long time in a source, has time to praise/pour off, so that tracing it is deposited at heart. Many maintain that the best method to rinse is with aceto, to eliminate tracing of the water. One is an effective method to eliminate tracing, but the scent is very ugly – Another trick to wash: they do I complete enjuage with cold water: it serves to close cuticulas. To dry and to comb the hair – For this they use products with oil of semi I gave linen, that contain ceramid that covers and protiles the hair. – They do not use products with alcool: they last but they cause that the water evaporates that is in hair desidratandolos. Better they use a gel or delicate waxes. – Round combs or with setolas Use natural: they adhere better to the hair and it gives brightness him. – When they use phon or dryer, they cause that the hot air fence towards the roots to the ends, never the opposite. They do I complete drying with air cold, to close cuticulas. – Ok, uses planchita, but they remember not to use it to high temperatures. And but of everything before using it, they put in his hair protectivo product.