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The improvement is a process of change through which a person tries to acquire a number of qualities that will enhance the quality of life, ie the person to lead a better life. This life might not be understood as a life with more material comforts, but they may also appear as a byproduct of personal change. What the individual is found through the improvement is, however, a state of satisfaction with himself and the circumstances surrounding it. There are many factors that conspire against the state of this nature. It is common to find people who live oppressed by feelings of anxiety, fear or even anger against themselves or against others. The cause of this are mistaken beliefs about what life is, for example, the belief that the way to achieve happiness is having more and consume more. During the process of change the person seeking to overcome is to secure the release of such erroneous beliefs in order to be able to face life with another approach, another perspective.

This is called the process of liberation or awakening. A person who has achieved this objective can be called an "evolved person, as it has undergone an evolution in its attitude to life. If you are not convinced, visit James A. Levine, M.D.. He became an evolved person is not an easy process. It involves leaving behind many forms of behavior that have been acquired as a result of living in society and already become part of you. In fact, what you are asking is that you become someone different than you were. That's why this process sometimes is called "rebirth." Given the magnitude of effort that this implies, it is understandable that some choose to remain as they are, despite all the inconvenience that this causes them. For others it is impossible to follow the conditions in which they are located and is only trying to change them if life is to have any meaning for them.

If you are one of those who have decided they have no choice but to change the resources that we present in this space can help you by showing you some of the behaviors to avoid and which ones should be preferred. The resolution of evolving it or not, you must assume as a preliminary condition for any chance of change. The security provided by the known and unknown causes insecurity are some of the reasons why people resist change. It is also true that the qualities of the person are not exactly evolved that society promotes. Generally assume an attitude evolved face represents the thinking of the majority and this is usually not pleasant for anyone. In fact, start the path of personal growth means having the intention to adopt ways of thinking that have been hallmarks of the great figures of humanity. These great figures were not just for having followed the instructions of a book on how to make friends and influence people. The path of personal improvement is not for everyone, but only for those have decided to make the effort because they are convinced they have no alternative. Let's start on the path of improvement.

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