Perhaps many have heard this so popular phrase must not invent the warm water, which means that if a process is well researched you should take advantage of that and not waste your time and effort unless you were a researcher in this area and want to innovate or make another contribution, but in this case this would be their main activity, if you have fish breeding is logical to use what is available and seek to improve current methods. When you know that there is a great experience in certain area, you must follow the teachings of the people who know, follow the advice of competent people. Many people fail because guided by those who have never had experience in what they are undertaking and you can learn to trial and error, but it is much more efficient to do so with appropriate guidelines, you will always find obstacles but you will have a clearer mind to overcome them. Once I heard this phrase who does not learn from its mistakes, is a fool; who learns from their mistakes, is intelligent; but who learns of the errors of others, he is a genius, the best position is to learn from others, why you should model your goal based on winners. In the book the secret of the power of goals is teaches us how to set goals that if they work, seems easy, but if we do not find the appropriate way of linking our desire with the subconscious mind everything turns into a warm desire that do not have sufficient energy to materialize, in this book you will discover the techniques to internalize their desires and get the power of the mind to act in your favorYou’ll defeat all obstacles that separate success, now means that fate is in your hands and write it at your convenience. You must not fall into the mistakes that others have already made, so before defining clearly what you want is important to investigate, to analyze what side effects will bring you achieving your goal, are really willing to pay the price required to achieve it? The basis of all achievement is motivation, the inner impulse that always tells us, forward!, let’s move!, se puede!, others could, I also!, when achieved it I will feel happy, happy and free!, etc. That inner strength beyond words as Andrew Corentt says in his book the secret of the power of the goals, while reading this book can use his inner strength in complete harmony with your desires, you will understand and apply the operation of the agreements with our subconscious, just mind the subconscious mind is influenced through stealthy techniquesin your hands are those techniques, to achieve what you want, visit: