Making Friends

How to transform the pain of a break in peace, clarity and love for oneself by Sandra Iozzelli I received many messages lately about the pain felt by the people who are living a sentimental break. They describe it as an intense pain, which in many cases, not leaves them sleeping, eating, or enjoying your life. We can say that almost everyone at some point, we have gone through a similar experience. And we have believed us that it must be so, that when there is a rupture, the suffering is inevitable. But do such if there is an alternative that does not happen, that such if this rupture, this experience of heartbreak you could take to the depths of you and show you things you and your life that you need to know and otherwise not had discovered? Do so if the pain of this experience could transform into clarity, peace and an adventure of self-discovery? This article is not intended to help you return with your partner, if not to show you how this experience can help you to be more free. And if what you really want is to leave of suffer and regain your peace and well-being, I invite you to keep reading with the heart and open mind. A belief to question what I see in common in all these messages is that we are responsible for our couples of our pain and happiness. We are full of: he should have done this, she should not have done it, I need it to be happy, and an endless list of should, I need and want as conditions for our happiness that prevent us from being happy belief that our partner is responsible for our happiness or pain leads us to direct our attention toward another person leaving us as a result because we cannot have our attention on two sides at the same timeleads us to feel dependent and needy in the other person, if that person is not on our side or does not meet our expectations and to feel that we have lost control of our lives and our well-being because we have put it in the hands of another person.