Is Returns

It is absolutely clear that a man who cannot find a purpose will not have more zest for life, more desire to improve, more eager to find a happiness that you of avidity to his life. Therefore, it will be in the world letting you take it and treat it as a rigging puppet from right to left, thinking and talking for him. He will be conducting activities, will go, will come, sleep, eat, all this without giving a sense. Is Returns a make ahead, a go go, an eat by eating there was a man who could go against is running strong which is the world, was, fought, and stipulated that you there be in the world without being of the world. Hernan Ferney Rodriguez G. perhaps tomorrow is late Anda, kisses to your children, hug them, gives them affection and tenderness no money, enjoy, and plays with them while they are children. Tomorrow they will have gone home.Anda, attends, cares and pampers your parents, older people you want to.

Tomorrow you will not have them. It is a law of life.Go, put your five senses and your soul in the moment that you live and get them to live fully who you have beside you. Tomorrow perhaps it is no longer in your hands to do so.ANDA, say it to your husband/a: I want him, which is the most important person in your life you realize what you are and you have today tomorrow perhaps it is late.Go, get happy today that you can, tomorrow maybe not you. Already you will not be the one or the other.Anda, repeats those housewives those kind words or gesture generous to expect perhaps for some time.ANDA, give them today best of you: your presence, your attention, your time, your person you don’t know if you can tomorrow.Go, do what you do. Do it as well as you know and you can and leaves in the hands of Dios.Anda tomorrow, do not waste your life nor human and Christian values that you have, that possess make them bear fruit today, because you don’t know if tomorrow will be too late.

Teresa de Lisieux has a poem that says: to love my God / in this poor land / I have no more than a day / only this day!.Jose M Alimbau breath daily La life is a long staircase that sometimes with setbacks, we should upload.But there are always breaks to meditate, to assess what we have achieved and to take breath for the next step-up.Nothing is obtained from the evening to the morning, everything is built day by day. It is not making giant efforts.With the help of the Almighty, with commitment and small daily disciplines, we can reach as far as we want.Suede everything must look forward without preventions. Every error we must draw a lesson.It is best put the front in high to leave behind the adversity and look to the future with optimism.We appreciate and thank God for so many valuable things that we have, not so much in the material, as it can be passed, most important are our spiritual values, our generous souls, the family that we are satisfied and our five senses in order to work.Look, how many roads we have left to go and how many goals we have yet to achieve.

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