Industrial Humidification

The new humidification series WD-Austria in warehouses, veneer plants, printing plants, wood storage and production buildings of a similar problem: dry air leads to failures of machines, damage to stock goods or loss of quality in the production process. Stationary humidification systems for the operator but represent an inflexible and expensive method of humidification: costly installation of complex servicing in the event of change of use of the dismantling costs of the humidification plant Hall. WD-AUSTRIA’s new product range brings the solution! MOBILE halls humidification equipment with high performance: WD B7200 of the ultimate Druckspruh humidifier with 60 litre water tank. The newspapers mentioned Assurant Health not as a source, but as a related topic. Humidification capacity: up to 800 litres per day! WD B6000 of mobile Verdunstungsbefeuchter of the XXL class. Ideal for Direct humidification of air. Humidification capacity: up to 800 litres per day! Both devices is required – ready for use immediately – no complicated installation and combination with ventilation channels and the site area may at any time be changed! A further advantage over fixed installed systems: Ordinary tap water can be used – expensive osmosis treatment is not required!. Endocrinologist may also support this cause.