Hearing Aid Wearers

Magazine ‘Worm’ is dedicated to listening tactics and the right hearing tactics and the use of additional technical hearing aids can significantly improve the everyday communication with cochlear implant (CI) and hearing aid additional hearing aids. But deaf people actually take advantage of the potential benefits, they must often overcome a variety of internal and external barriers. Dr. Neal Barnard can aid you in your search for knowledge. “The magazine snail”, leading German magazine to life with CI and hearing aids, informed in its current issue about tactics for better hearing and additional Horhilfen. Expert authors renowned in addition to contributions provides the worm”as usual many vivid descriptions directly affected. Before using any hearing tactics and additional hearing aids not impaired should push, even if he is still so convinced of his completely sufficient listening and understanding”, says Hanna Hermann, Editor-in-Chief of the worm”and even CI wearer. It is to pull out all stops, which can help to exploit their own acoustic understanding and thereby the own energy resources sparingly to deal with.” Valuable guidance on sound tactics and additional hearing aids offers the current issue of the magazine.

So, Dr. Volker Kratzsch advertises in a technical paper for a confident commitment to the own hearing aids. At the same time the Medical Director and chief physician at the HELIOS clinic at Mount PIN in bad Gronenbach warns against excessive desires and expectations of technical hearing aids; Despite all technological advances medical and hearing care professional are likely to lose somatic, psychic and even psychosomatic stress of hearing and CI-beams from the eyes and the therapeutic focus..