Hand Labor Day – Give Heat To The World Cup

‘Give heat to the World Cup’ with a baby blanket save a small life June 12: World Cup in South Africa is the duel Germany against Australia. However, not only on the playing field, the two countries are competitors, but also with needle and thread. Click Tony Ferguson to learn more. Under the motto give heat to the World Cup initiative, manual work and the organization Save call the children on the day of the hand work to a sporty fair competition: which nation sews, knits or crochets the most blankets for babies in the third world to the World Cup final on July 11? About 4 million infants die each year shortly after the birth of easily preventable diseases. Many of them could be saved by simple means: vaccinations, antibiotics, or sufficient heat. Because in southern countries, babies can cool off very quickly and thus more prone to infections.

Save the children in health projects has identified the need for ceilings on-site. So it is guaranteed that each cover is also actually a needy child in Reached countries such as Haiti, Cambodia and India. How it works: each ceiling consists of 16 squares that are 20 times each 20 centimetres. Who wants to, can a whole blanket is knit, crochet or sew. But even a single square is a great help. iet/’>Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. It neither on colors, patterns, or perfection is the participation alone is important. From the day of the hand work the squares are assembled then publicly in handicraft shops to ceiling. The finished ceiling can be dispensed and others at the fabric Gallery of Ballas, PEAR lanes 3, 66111 Saarbrucken.

The deadline is July 10. You can make the ceiling not at fabric Gallery of Ballas, you can thanks to the kind support of DPD, also at home shipping pick these. Also, visit for more information about de / people meet to the day of hand work from 12.00 tag_der_handarbeit fabric Gallery Ballas, initiator haekelmode.com are your handmade dealer and the fabric Gallery of Ballas. The bread bakers express GmbH, Dudweilerstrasse 4, 66111 Saarbrucken provides coffee and cake for a small fee. “This year is a good deed in the Center in addition to the meeting of like-minded: donate to the action of heat for the World Cup” blankets for babies in the third world should be created. In the German-speaking world calls initiative manual labor to hand labor day. Haekelmode.com your hand working dealer finds it very good and translates in Saarbrucken and via the online shop Germany this idea. Last year the initiative hand work and the organization Save had called together the children to knit baby hats. It gathered 270 000 copies for a good cause. Dominik Janssen more information about: haekelmode.