Good Infotainment Increases The Success Of Your Trade Fair Appearance

Which methods an Infotainer puts their product in the best light and makes for a successful exhibition. Infotainment ensures a successful fair. An old saying says: “not recruiting – dies”. With this view they are closer ever a step their success in any case. But the question how”is thus not yet been answered. “” “As marketing and advertising is a science in itself, more optimistic activism often leads to short-sighted statements as: Oh everybody knows us”, the notice already us who comes on the show,”or we live by the quality of our products there provides the mouth – to – mouth propaganda for new customers”. That this is a great fallacy and does not match the reality at a trade fair, that will be replaced by the most exhibitors. Because their presence alone does not provide for new customers.

Also with a snack, free Curry sausage or a cup of coffee, they swim in the mass of normal fair offers. Scientific studies have shown that over 70% of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously and all customer decisions are emotionally occupied. This means that a visitors get to know only you and your product if he is addressed not aware and also not rational. Infotainment builds on exactly this point. In the infotainment, emotionally occupied entertainment is unconsciously associated with information about your product. An Infotainer (E.g. magician mass) ensures positive mood and the mood at their booth. With the methods of the visitor binding the Infotainer ensures then that visitors spend at their booth and learn about you and your product.

A first contact is linked. At this moment, the moment beats for your sales team. Financially successful Infotainment pays for itself in no time. It is a simple thought. What brings them a costly exhibition appearance with stand rent, staff, exhibition logistics if nobody noticed it. The cost on the other adhere for an Infotainer in the frame. In the interplay between them and an Infotainer, it pays Barer coin from the fair.