Culinary Specialties”informs about the culinary specialties of Liguria. Liguria, a narrow, located on the northern coast of Italy land that is known for its Mediterranean climate and the unusual constellation of sea and mountains. These natural conditions not only explain why the area has long been considered an insider for travelers, but also best prerequisites for a varied and culinary culture. The mild climate and the mountain slopes provide excellent conditions for the cultivation of grapes and olive oil. This is characterized the whole region through their many small vineyards and numerous olive groves. The award-winning, Ligurian olive oil and the Ligurian wine are many gourmets a term so long.

The combination of mountain, forest and sea spawned other specialties in the past. The Ligurian forests allow the local cuisine many venison (especially wild boar) to offer. If you prefer fish, takes a big on the coast Choice of restaurants, all seafood on the menu. Liguria map Interestingly the traditional Ligurian cuisine are often found in the so-called Agriturismo restaurants in the hinterland who grow their food themselves, what occupies the exclusivity of these specialties. Namely, culinary goods are not produced for mass consumption. Since the Ligurian specialties only in limited numbers produced, the pleasures of this kitchen are reserved the locals and the tourists on the spot. The Ligurian cuisine, as well as the natural conditions of the region are good reasons for visiting the Riviera of flowers so for connoisseurs in the culinary as well as in the general sense. (Information & image material to the vacation region of Liguria for more on our homepage). Raul Cocca contact: Tel: + 49 8989 – 22 33 22 E-Mail: Web: