As a child I was a rebel and contradictor character. I’ve lived wildly and at the margin of the law, without paying attention to the advice of my mother imitate Jesus and follow him as my example of life. Finally and rightly so, I have been sentenced to the death penalty for having infringed the law and order. Being already on death row and nearly already walking toward my execution, I stumbled upon a strange character who surprised me by confessing that Jesus was called. Ah, I said I, you carry the same name of someone whom I should have followed my exemplary example. Then he said: No, I am not your example, I’m your substitute. Suddenly, my cell locks were opened, and security guards informed me that the Supreme Court had cancelled my death sentence, since he had found the real culprit, who with irrefutable DNA evidence, had confessed to be the true culprit.

So I was immediately released (and even indemnified) and my substitute was executed in my place. Jesus Christ, being God became similar to us, taking our identity (DNA) and we replaced: “he certainly took our infirmities, and he suffered our pains; and we had by spanked, for wounded God, and killed, more wounded Jesus was for our rebellions, bruised for our sins; the chastisement of our peace was upon Jesus, and with his stripes we were healed. All us astray like sheep, each appliance by its path, most Jehovah charge about Jesus sin of all of us. Distressed him, and afflicted, he opened not his mouth; and like lamb, he was taken to the slaughterhouse; and as sheep in front of their trasquiladores, it silenced and not opened his mouth. By jail and judgment was removed; and his generation, who counted? Because Jesus was cut off from the land of the living, and the rebellion of the people of God he was wounded (cf. Isaiah 53: 4-8). Jesus is our example. Jesus is our substitute: the was made man, he took our DNA and the genetic load of Adam, Eve, Rahab the harlot, Ruth the Moabite, Tamar, David, Bathsheba, Solomon.

(Matthew 1: 1-17). Jesus took your DNA and mine. His perfect life is imputed as our life; his atoning death is imputed as our death; his glorious resurrection is imputed as our resurrection and victory over sin is imputed as our victory over evil. Jesus Christ is our substitute. If we accept the substitute salvation of Jesus Christ in our place, we will receive our undeserved compensation: eternal life with the Majesty of the universe in the lujosisima new Jerusalem. Dr. Jorge r.. Talbot, original Biblical Research Society Autor and source of the article.