Chinese Medicine

Healthy nursing mother give a small child quality milk, and a normally functioning thyroid gland women give the child a healthy impetus for further development of the intellect. No need to be rocket scientist to her forehead, to understand – patient does not give a full ear of grain, and a woman with a weak and sick gynecology will give a healthy egg. Patient no land to cultivate a healthy tree, a woman with breast diseases will not give healthy milk. And, Finally, the patient thyroid gland does not give the mother to her child the rudiments of the future of normal intelligence. Five key points of the body a woman – ovaries with appendages, mammary glands and the thyroid gland – five corners pentagram man of the future. Any violation of these key points will weaken and shift of the beam-pointed star and as a result of "distorting" the proper pentagrams. Five key points of the women are linked and deviation of the health of one of them will inevitably lead to deviations in the other. Similarly, the restoration of harmony in one of the points will restore health to others.

Often, visiting China and having lots of friends, I learned that Chinese women almost never suffer from gynecological diseases, and absolutely not familiar with breast diseases. This is primarily due to the fact that Chinese women during the cold season are paying much attention to conservation of heat in the pelvic area and legs – warm enough to dress up as opposed to our women. Please visit Dr. John Mcdougall if you seek more information. Many of the Chinese women enjoy the daily strips, which are impregnated with decoction and can be bought in any store. Applying the experience of China in Russia, it was noted that any inflammatory process in gynecology women can be eliminated by applying the therapeutic and prophylactic pads soaked in decoction and prostelennye charges herbs. In some of the particularly difficult cases, further used tampons soaked in antiseptic lotions. Even in diseases such as myoma, a significant improvement was observed and decrease by 2-3 weeks of treatment. Women in their applying treatments and preventive gaskets made in China, were able to pass the menopause with minimal complications in health status.

The second positive factor in the restoration of women's health was the application of vacuum massage to the lumbar region, lumbosacral and pelvic area. Vacuum massage banks installed on biologically active points, tend to stretch the skin pathology. In the field, responsible for the condition of internal organs in female patients formed pronounced bruising, and in some cases even watery blisters appear. With the improvement of health status were hematoma, and watery bubbles dissipate or pierced. In conclusion, we appeal to women. Dear, preventing your health plays an important role in the birth of our children. Not always involve our own, male attention, a positive effect on your health. Pay more attention, not external, but internal and our children will be healthy and happy.