Keeping pace with time, we must properly build its interaction with the outside world. In whatever part of the world was not the man he is in constant contact with nature. Today a man by his actions causes great damage nature, forgetting that the world's other creatures live. To save the need to change the nature of man's relation to nature and life through education and culture. Many people limit themselves to studying the external world, treating those remnants of the knowledge obtained in school. Typically the knowledge that we receive during training, are quickly forgotten and lose all meaning. Great help in this can have universal training sites. Information on such sites located in the thematic sections, so easily understood.

The biggest interest are educational sites that contain information on various topics such as biology. Of them are the following basic direction as the world of plants, animals and living planet. Living Planet Report. Work sites in this area suggests the presence of articles, photos, encyclopedic knowledge of the nature of the planet. Then touch on issues of biology and Botany, tells about the origin of life and evolutionary processes, where the data on climate change, you become acquainted with the research works of contemporary scholars. Flora.

In this section Portals acquaint its users with the world of plants. Here is information about ornamental plants, fascinating stories about plants that will reveal previously unknown facts, and we know what plants useful and which are extremely dangerous. Also find information about the main types of plants, learn about how to use them in medicine, will find many useful tips. Fauna. In this section dealt with the educational study of the animal world. Reading the information about the animal world will enable you to learn interesting facts about sea life of our smaller brothers, their habits, read stories about animals, as well as help you understand the importance of protection of nature around us. Do not forget the importance of training sites in the development of children, because this information to them, along with secondary school curriculum, can give a complete view of the surrounding the world, teaches a reasonable relation to nature.

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