Agar MacConkey

Materials and Methods the medicinal plant Mikania glomerata spreng (lot CER.CHA.005, cultivated in Guarapuava (PR) for the Cercopa manufacturer) popularly known as ' ' guaco' ' Andres in the State of So Paulo was acquired in a commercial establishment of medicinal plants in the city of Saint. As criterion of choice of the establishment, one considered the hygienical-sanitary conditions of the places. The tea was prepared by the infusion method (ANVISA, 2010). In a sample, called sample B, added to 8 g of sugar of the mark Union. After the preparation, the samples had been conditioned in closed barren pot, ambient temperature, so that any external contamination was prevented. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Liberty Mutual.

The samples of guaco tea had been inoculated in plates with way of Nutrient Agar, Agar MacConkey and gar Sabouraud in the day, 24 and 48 hours after the preparation, for the technique of quantitative sowing in estrias After the inoculation, all the plates duly had been identified and led to the greenhouse, where they had remained for up to 48 hours (TAVEIRA et al, 2008). After 24 and 48 hours in the greenhouse the plates had been observed. In growth case the isolated microorganisms in blade, for analysis in microscope. Half of culture without growth of discarded microorganisms foro in contaminated garbage. The microorganisms that had grown in the plates, and coradas by the technique of Coloration of Gram had been inoculated in blades. Results In the samples analyzed immediately after the preparation (without and with sugar) did not have enough growth in the plates of Agar Sabouraud and Nutrient Agar, being considered insignificant for this study. In the plates of MacConkey Agar it did not have growth in none of the analyses. In the samples of tea 24 hours and 48 hours after the preparation (without and with sugar addition) had growth of microorganisms, as evidenced in Table I.